When your cat can’t eat it’s a good idea to buy some cat food


When your pet cat gets sick and needs food, it may not be wise to buy it from the store.

A study published in the journal PLOS One found that cats with severe respiratory issues were twice as likely to die as those who ate cat food.

In a study that looked at how people with respiratory illness cope with cats, researchers found that the more severe the illness, the more likely they were to die.

The study also found that people with severe chronic respiratory illness were twice the risk of dying from cat food poisoning.

The study did not look at how often cats died from their illnesses.

“The findings show that people who are very sick can have severe respiratory illness and still die,” study author Marko Jokic, of the Department of Clinical Medicine at The Karolinska Institute, said in a press release.

Jokic and his colleagues looked at the data from a study of 1,846 people with chronic respiratory diseases.

People who had severe chronic lung disease had an increased risk of death than people with mild or moderate chronic lung diseases, and they had a significantly higher rate of death from cat-related food poisoning than those who did not have chronic respiratory disease.

In total, the study looked at 2,074 deaths.

The authors did not know how many deaths could have been avoided if the people who had a history of cat food allergies or food sensitivities had not taken medication to combat their illness.

Jakob Nielsen, an infectious diseases researcher at the University of Oslo, said the findings are very interesting.

“We know that cat allergies are linked to a lot of different things, and a lot are associated with a lot more serious conditions than cat food,” Nielsen said in an interview.

Nielsen said that the findings should be used in health education, not as a justification for buying cat food and not just as a warning to those who might not have allergies.

He said the study did show that if people had a bad reaction to their cat food allergy, then buying it might be a bad idea.

“I think it’s also important to remember that there’s a lot that is not known about the mechanisms behind food allergies, and so we need to do a lot better in the education of people to avoid the things that are more common and are associated more with this sort of disease,” Nielsen added.

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