‘Worth the wait’: New York cat food manufacturer’s ‘crazy’ cat food maze


A New York company is hoping to change the way people think about food and cats.

The cat food giant, Ziwipeaks, has created a maze of cat food that’s actually edible.

Cat Food MazesAre an ingenious way to keep cats entertained, healthy and on their toes.

“I think cats are a very, very cute and very intelligent animal, so they’re very good at finding food,” Ziwipes CEO and founder Michael Trewes said.

“We think it’s time we started thinking about how we can help them do that.”

Cat Food MazeThe maze contains cat food.

Ziwiping’s cat food is a mix of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and amino acids, along with various plant and animal sources.

Cat food can be purchased in supermarkets, convenience stores and online.

Zippys Cat Food Maze is a combination of all three.

Cat owners can choose to add a variety of foods, including some that may not be as nutritious.

But the company says it also makes it easier to try new foods, and it provides “a variety of options for how to prepare your food.”

Trewes says the company hopes the cat food will help people learn to be healthier.

He says Ziwips cat food has the health benefits of the same types of cat foods found in pet food stores.

“The way our cat food works is it’s a mixture of plant and protein, so it’s not the same as what’s on the shelf,” Trews said.

“But it has the same nutrient profile.”

Cat food that is not nutritious is not recommended for people who are diabetic or underweight.

For more health information on cats, read the Ziwiped’s cat health website.

The company has partnered with local animal shelters to provide a free cat food voucher for anyone who chooses to eat at the company’s cat cafés.

Cat cafés are locations where people can meet other cats and take them to their favorite spots.

Ziwipes has already opened more than 70 cat cafes in Canada and the U.S., including one in Toronto.

Zippys cat food offers an alternative to buying cat food at restaurants and grocery stores.

But it’s also a convenient option for people looking for cat food for their own pets, which could be more time-consuming than buying it from a pet store.

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