When you want to get healthy, cat food is the answer


When you’re looking for cat food options that are healthy and delicious, you can find plenty of great options on the market.

But what’s really a big question mark is whether cats are eating enough of the food.

For a cat owner looking for a healthy cat food alternative, one source of debate has to do with how much of their cat’s diet should be taken in, says cat food expert and co-author of, Dr Andrew Leach.

“Cats are omnivores, so they eat a wide range of foods,” Dr Leach told News.

“But, the reason that we get a lot of complaints about the amount of cats that are eating cat food as well as people complaining about it is because we have very small cat populations.”

Dr Leach says cat owners should take a few cat food alternatives into consideration.

“It’s important to understand that cat food can be a really great source of nutrients,” Dr Lleach said.

“If you have a cat that’s very healthy and fed the right foods, it’s likely that he’ll eat more than he’s been fed before, so it may be that you can add more food to the diet, or make sure that he’s getting a good amount of cat food.”

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Read moreAbout the author:Dr Leace is a veterinary surgeon based in Sydney.

He’s also a co-founder of the Cat Food Guide.

He has written and lectured about cat nutrition for over 20 years.

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