Why is it that so many of our leaders are obsessed with food?


I think it’s because we live in a culture where food is a symbol of identity, of belonging.

The only reason we have food in this country is because we were raised on it.

That’s the whole reason.

We’ve spent a lifetime, through food, being raised on food.

And we’ve been taught that food is the symbol of our identity.

It’s the only thing that makes us whole.

The rest of the world is obsessed with other things.

The most important thing in life is what you eat.

But it doesn’t make you any more, it just gives you more of the same.

And this is the problem.

If we are not obsessed with the food, if we are really interested in our health, we will be able to get enough, we won’t have to suffer.

And if we have more money, we can afford to eat better, and we will feel better.

We are going to eat more, and it will be good for our bodies and our minds.

That is why it’s so important to make our food our life.

We should be spending money on food, we should be making food our part of our lives.

We need to take our health seriously, not just a way to feed ourselves.

That means not eating junk food and spending time with family, and spending money for our own health.

I don’t think we can eat as well as we do without having a sense of our own identity.

We’re going to die a little less.