How to Eat Like a Rabbit: A Cats’ Guide to a Rabbit Diet


This is the third in a four-part series that will answer some of the most common questions cats have about their diet.1.

How much rabbit do I need to eat?2.

What should I eat?3.

What is my diet made up of?4.

What are my rabbit-specific foods?1.

What do I feed my rabbit?1a.

Rabbit Meat (sausage, meatballs, and other dishes)1b.

Rabbit Food (rice, potatoes, and/or carrots)2.

Rabbit Eggs (eggs, sausage, and bacon)3.

Rabbit Butter (creamy, peanut butter-y, and smooth)4.

Rabbit Protein (pink protein, rice protein, and some other types of protein)5.

Rabbit Lettuce (leaves, greens, onions, and spices)6.

Rabbit Sausage (steaks, sausage and potatoes)7.

Rabbit Spinach (soup, pasta, pasta sauces, and vegetables)8.

Rabbit Bean Dip (beans, peas, and meatballs)9.

Rabbit Tuna Dip (sauce, fish sauce, and fish flakes)10.

Rabbit Noodle Dip (dumplings, noodles, and veggies)11.

Rabbit Chicken Dip (potatoes, chicken, and gravy)12.

Rabbit Mushroom Dip (frozen mushrooms, potatoes and gravy and cheese)13.

Rabbit Broccoli Dip (broccoli, broccoli florets, and spinach)14.

Rabbit Pea Dip (peas, broccoli, and cheese, and peas)15.

Rabbit Eggnog Dip (egg whites, milk, and cocoa powder)16.

Rabbit Chocolate Cake (mousse, chocolate sauce, cocoa powder, and cream)17.

Rabbit Apple Pie (peaches, apples, and chocolate)18.

Rabbit Pancakes (biscuits, chocolate, chocolate syrup, and powdered sugar)19. Rabbit Crêpes (crêpes, pastry, and dessert)20.

Rabbit Fudge (fudge, chocolate and cocoa)21.

Rabbit Ice Cream (frosted and powdered)22.

Rabbit Cookies (crumb cakes, and sugar cookies)23.

Rabbit Popcorn (cracker, peanut, and marshmallow chips)24.

Rabbit Yogurt (yogurt, cream, and honey)25.

Rabbit Cookie Dough (crackers, cookies, and ice cream)26.

Rabbit Pudding (dough, whipped cream, whipped topping, and whipped topping mix)27.

Rabbit Cheesecake (dessert mix, cake mix, and custard)28.

Rabbit Soft Pretzels (sugar, vanilla, and salt)29.

Rabbit Corn Dogs (potato dogs, carrots, and corn dogs)30.

Rabbit Pizza (bread, cheese, pizza sauce, sauce mix, toppings, and toppings mix)31.

Rabbit Pretzies (dougies, pretzels, and caramel sauce)32.

Rabbit Cake (cake mix, cookies and toppants)33.

Rabbit Bacon (cheese, bacon, and mustard)34.

Rabbit Gravy (dairy products, meat, cheese and meat)35.

Rabbit Honey (honey, maple syrup, honey, and maple syrup)36.

Rabbit Peppermint (sugars and maple)37.

Rabbit Coconut (coconut milk, sugar, and peppermint)38.

Rabbit Cheddar (cheddar cheese, cream cheese, bacon)39.

Rabbit Italian (Italian sausage, pepperoni, and mozzarella)40.

Rabbit Mozzarella (cannon, mozzetto, and tomato sauce)41.

Rabbit Ricotta (crust, ricotta, and Parmesan)42.

Rabbit Raspberries (berry jam, raspberry-flavored jam, and jam)43.

Rabbit Spaghetti (crusted pasta, noodles and sauce)44.

Rabbit Garlic Bread (sliced bread, cream and butter)45.

Rabbit Sour Cream (sweet, sour cream, sour mix)46.

Rabbit Potato Soup (sour mix, cream of potato, and potato soup mix)47.

Rabbit Pumpkin Pie (pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie filling, and topping)48.

Rabbit Vegetable Soup (vegetable soup, carrots and potatoes, potatoes with potato gravy)49.

Rabbit Roast Pork (broiled pork, turkey, and beef)50.

Rabbit Pork Ribeye (ribeye steak, ribs, and sauce mix)51.

Rabbit Beef (tenderloin steak, brisket, and marinara sauce)52.

Rabbit Salmon (salmon and apple juice)53.

Rabbit Mackerel (diced mackerel, salt, pepper, and cayenne)54.

Rabbit Duck (pike, duck, and eggplant)55.

Rabbit Lobster (fish, mackerell, and seafood sauce)56.

Rabbit Bass (bass

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