The cat food aisle is getting a facelift


FourFourSeconds ago, the cat food section of the supermarket chain Walmart was the worst place to buy cat food.

It was a place to find cat food for only the cheapest of prices.

That’s until Walmart came out with the catfood section, which is supposed to be the best place to purchase cat food, according to the company.

The Walmart catfood aisle has been overhauled and the cat-friendly cat food is now the best in the supermarket.

“The cat food you buy at Walmart today is a better choice than it was at the time of our inception, which was when we launched our first cat food store in 2002,” said Dan Smith, senior vice president of marketing for Walmart.

He added that Walmart now carries more cat food than any other major food chain.

The catfood is made with cat-approved ingredients and is the only cat food sold at Walmart that contains no hormones, antibiotics, or any other animal ingredients.

When you go to Walmart, the new catfood has been tested on animals and is considered to be 100 percent cat-free.

The new cat food at Walmart, which the company will be rolling out nationwide in early 2018, will be the first catfood in the US to be tested on animal tests.

Smith said Walmart is also launching a cat-safe section in the stores in early next year, and will be working with local retailers to expand that.

The cat foods at Walmart are the same quality and ingredients that are in other cat food stores.

They will be made from ingredients like cornflakes, flaxseed, hemp seeds, and a blend of protein, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

In the United States, cat food manufacturers must certify the meat, eggs, and milk of the animals being fed.

Walmart says its new cat foods are made from non-animal ingredients, which means that the meat and eggs are non-GMO, non-BPA, and free of antibiotics.

Walmart will be testing on animals before deciding whether or not to test on humans.

The company says it’s adding more cat-ready cat food to the cat section of its stores in the coming months.