A Nulo catfood, a probiotic catfood with a twist


Wired magazine’s own Pet Food Blog, which uses to test food and treats, recently tested the Nulo and found that it did indeed deliver a healthy diet to its cats.

However, there was one major issue that some may have noticed.

Nulo has a “bitter flavor” and “taste” that the company claims can be attributed to the probiotic.

The company has been working with the FDA to test out the probiotics and other ingredients of the food and has begun a marketing campaign for the catfood called Nulo Catfood.

The brand is now available in three flavors: Black and White, Black and Tan, and Tan and Black.

The Nulo is made from 100% organic cotton, and its ingredients include: Bacteria (Bifidobacterium), Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Organic Organic Cotton (Polyester), Pectin, and Tocopherol.

There’s also a non-GMO version, Nulo Dogfood, which is a similar catfood but contains a mix of natural and artificial ingredients, which it claims are safe for dogs and cats.

Nuru catfood is being launched by Nulo as an “all-natural cat food that’s formulated to meet your pet’s nutritional needs.”

The Nuru brand is an organic and sustainable option for cat owners looking to cut down on their cat’s carbon footprint and help save the planet.

The catfood will be available for $35.99 on the Nuru website and the company plans to release a line of products in the future.

The Catfood is made of 100% Organic Cotton and contains the same 100% natural ingredients.

Nuri catfood catfood: Black-and-white catfood

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