‘Cat Food’ Queen Elizabeth II gives royal cat foods a royal makeover


Queen Elizabeth the Great gave cats a royal treat with the introduction of Fancy Cat Food Royal Cat Food.

The Queen gave Royal Cat Foods a royal touch by introducing them to the royal household in a royal petting zoo.

The products are now available for purchase on

The Royal Household introduced Fancy Cat Foods in 2018 with Royal Family Cat Food, which also contains royal cat genes.

The royal household is the biggest customer for Royal Family cat food.

“Royal Family Cat Foods are the only Royal family pet food to be certified organic and made with only 100% royal genetics, which means they are truly royal,” said Royal Family Food Manager, Caroline McBain.

Royal Family food has been certified organic since 2018.

“We have been making the Royal Family a royal family petfood for over 20 years, and have been proud to share the Royal family’s love of cats with the Royal Household and the whole world,” said Caroline Mcbain.

The product has been approved by the European Union.

It is not the first time the Royal household has tried to promote the benefits of cats.

In 2013, the Queen introduced cats to the Royal Petting Zoo at Windsor Castle.

In 2015, the Royal Royal Household announced the introduction to the public of the new cat food line, Fancy Cat, with the first batch being sold in June.

The line was a big success and was approved for sale in September.

The Royal Household also recently added a line of food for cats, Royal Cat Bites, which is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Royal family food is now available in all three of the Royal Palaces in the United Kingdom.

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