Cat food that doesn’t taste like urine


The Internet has become an increasingly crowded place, and that means it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

In fact, it’s possible that your cat’s pee tastes a lot like pee, too.

That’s the case for cat food.

A lot of people have already taken the cat food concept to the next level, by adding the idea of urine as a food source.

The idea is simple: Add urine to a protein cat food and you have a nutritious food that tastes a little like cat pee.

You could, for example, make cat food that’s made with an ingredient called hydroxyproline that’s also found in human urine.

“Cat pee is a byproduct of human urine and is used by many cat owners as a raw ingredient for their cat food,” the website CatFoodMakers explains.

“As a result, cat pee tastes similar to human urine in many people’s minds.”

A company called CatFoodPills has since launched its own line of cat food with urine, which it describes as a “fresh, raw, and natural protein” made from human urine, cat blood, and raw fish.

You can buy the product on The site promises that “all of our cat food is made with a pure organic source of cat urine, raw fish, raw algae, and wild plant matter.”

The company’s website also says that all of its products are tested on cats before they are sold.

“If you want a raw, organic cat food recipe that’s free of the antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides, our cat foods are the best,” the company says.

“The ingredient list is also a bit longer, but this is to make the ingredients easier to find.

We encourage you to check our ingredients list for ingredients you may not be familiar with.”

The site also includes a list of cat-friendly restaurants that have recently started offering cat food recipes.

The list includes restaurants like Bistro Bistrot, Doggy-A-GoGo, and Barcade.

You can also buy a homemade cat food from CatFoodpills, which claims that all the ingredients are free of all artificial preservatives and dyes, which the company explains is important because “some artificial preservative-containing products can have a harsh taste.”

For more, check out the video below from CatfoodPills.

Catfoods website also includes recipes for cat foods that use human urine instead of raw fish or seaweed, and a recipe for cat-approved protein.

You can read more about cat food on the CatFoods website.

You’ll have to click through to the website if you’re in the United States, though, as CatfoodMakers isn’t in the UK yet.

The site also promises to release recipes from other countries, but we haven’t heard back from them yet.

CatFoodmakers says that it plans to continue to offer cat food in the U.S. soon, and will likely include recipes for the product in the near future.

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